Student Chapter Update: West Virginia University Remote Sensing Club

This report is courtesy of Michelle Bester, Remote Sensing Club President, West Virginia University

The WVU Remote Sensing Club hosted a SENSOR EXPO on October 28, 2019, in Brooks Hall, Geography and Geology Department. The purpose of the expo was to give students the opportunity gain exposure to various remote sensing technologies used in both research and industry.

We invited graduate students, industry professionals and faculty to exhibit at the SENSOR EXPO and had great participation. Some of our exhibits included: about four different drones on display each with informational placards, an Aeropod and kite from the AEROKATS program, a pinhole camera, UV light box with various florescent minerals, light refracting glasses, spectrometer demonstration, field cameras as well as informational posters such as “why the sky is blue?”.

Some highlights included Dr. Aaron Maxwell’s virtual reality system, where students could visit and navigate through iconic places such as Vatican City through Google Earth. Surveying industry experts also gave students insight into how their work has changed over time with technology innovations. They demonstrated to students how surveying equipment evolved from Land Surveyor’s Chains (Gunter’s Chain), to metal measuring tapes, to the satellite based digital equipment used in modern surveying. This afforded students’ insight into how improvements in technology and the field of remote sensing has greatly increased the accuracy and ease of surveying.